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Our Mission to Preserve the Hemp Industry

Angry with all of the misinformation and dangerous products on the market, D8 Super Store was founded by a group of distributors, artists, and cannabis enthusiasts.
Our primary focus is to find and source the highest quality hemp-derived products like vape bars, disposables, and more for our customers at the best prices. You can find any product of your favorite brand online at our store and can buy it at the best price.
We bring our extensive research and years of experience to offer true transparency and responsive customer service. We are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction through every step of their experience with us.


Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assessments Bespoke training program planning, Custom Nutrition plan & recipes. Weekly Progress Reviews


Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assasments Bespoke training program planing, Custom Nutrition plan & recipes. Weekly Progress Reviews

Who are we?


Our team has been active in hemp and cannabis distribution for over 15 years. We have worked with many of the largest well-known brands from California as well as the biggest delta-8 brands around the country.

All of our products go through strict testing guidelines before we even consider selling them in our store. Our team tests for quality, flavor, potency, and lab reports. We keep a close eye on where each product is sourced from as well as the conditions in which the products were manufactured. If our team decides the product is up to our standards, we then proceed to place it in our store.