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The world of celebrity weed smokers is one that’s constantly evolving. From Hollywood stars to athletes, it seems as if everyone is trying their hand at cannabis these days. 

While cannabis has been used by humans for centuries, it’s only recently that we’ve seen a rise in celebrities endorsing this plant. 

So, what’s behind this sudden interest? There are a few reasons why celebrities are turning to weed—from soothing anxiety to helping them sleep. 

But the main reason is probably fame. When celebrities feel like they have something extra (whether that be talent or Looks), they want to share that with the world. 

And marijuana happens to be a great way to do just that. So if you’re curious about celebrities and their love affair with weed, read on for a compilation of some of the most famous celebrity weed smokers in history.

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Lady Gaga celebrity weed smoker

Lady Gaga is a celebrity weed smoker and has openly admitted to using the drug. The “Born This Way” singer has spoken about her love of marijuana in the past and believes that it can help people relax.

In an interview with Elle, Gaga said: “I do believe in marijuana as a medicine. I’ve been through a lot of pain in my life, and I believe that marijuana can help you deal with that.”

Gaga has previously spoken about her struggles with mental health and addiction, which she attributes to years of abuse at the hands of her father.

Lady Gaga

The “Applause” singer revealed that she began smoking weed aged 18 to cope with the pain of her emotional problems and said that it helped her to feel “normal”. 

She also praised its therapeutic effects on conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic pain.

Gaga is not alone in her belief that marijuana can be used for medical purposes. A number of studies have shown that the drug can be helpful for treating a range of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. 

While there is still some debate surrounding the long-term effects of smoking weed regularly, many experts believe that it could be an effective treatment option for people suffering from painful conditions.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg celebrity weed smoker

Snoop Dogg, one of the most popular and well-known rappers in the world, is also known for his love of marijuana. 

The hip hop artist has publicly admitted to smoking weed throughout his career and has even praised it as an effective way to relax. 

Snoop Dogg is not alone in his love of weed; many celebrities are avid smokers. 

Some of the most well-known celebrity marijuana smokers include Wiz Khalifa, Willie Nelson, Rosie O’Donnell, and Ashton Kutcher.

Sarah Silverman celebrity weed smoker

Sarah Silverman is a well-known comedian and actor who has publicly announced that she is a smoker of cannabis. 

This isn’t the first time she’s spoken out about her marijuana use either – Silverman first voiced her support for legalization back in 2015.

Sarah Silverman

Silverman has even testified in support of legalization in California, telling the Associated Press that she uses cannabis to treat menstrual cramps, anxiety and depression. 

She’s also said that it makes her laugh which is why she continues to use it.

While some people may view Silverman’s marijuana use as risky or irresponsible, others see it as just another way that this outspoken comedian can express herself. 

Either way, we’re sure that fans of Sarah Silverman will be happy to hear that she still enjoys smoking weed!

Miley Cyrus celebrity weed smoker

Miley Cyrus is a celebrity marijuana smoker who has openly talked about her love for the herb. 

The “Wrecking ball” singer has even made appearances on television shows discussing cannabis and its benefits. 

Miley Cyrus

Cyrus has said that marijuana helps her to relax and clear her head, which is why she enjoys smoking it. 

The 20-year-old also credits weed with helping her to deal with personal issues such as anxiety and depression.

Jennifer Lawrence celebrity weed smoker

Jennifer Lawrence is a well-known celebrity weed smoker. She has spoken about her love for the plant in the past, and has even joked about smoking it on live TV. 

It seems that the actress is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even when it comes to cannabis.

Lawrence has described smoking weed as relaxing and refreshing, and has said that it helps her cope with stress. 

Jennifer Lawrence

She credits marijuana with helping her get through some tough times during her career, including when she was struggling to establish herself as a leading actress.

While some people may view Lawrence’s smoking habits as eccentric or unprofessional, the actress seems to be comfortable with who she is and what she does. 

She doesn’t seem to care that her peers may disapprove of her lifestyle, and instead views cannabis as something that can help improve her life.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst celebrity weed smoker

Kirsten Dunst is a celebrity marijuana smoker. The “Spiderman” actress has spoken about her love for weed in the past, and has even credited it with helping her get through tough times. 

Dunst revealed that she smokes weed to relax and de-stress, and says it has also helped her stay healthy. “I like to smoke weed and it’s helped me with my anxiety,” Dunst told The Guardian in an interview last year. “It’s saved me from going to the ER a bunch of times.” 

Dunst isn’t the only celebrity who enjoys smoking weed – names like Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Jaden Smith, and Kate Moss have all been linked to pot smokers in the past. 

While some celebrities use weed as a way to relax or de-stress, others view it as an alternative form of medication.

Despite its growing popularity among celebrities, many people remain skeptical of marijuana. 

Some argue that smoking pot is simply a way for celebrities to avoid hard work – after all, they don’t have to worry about getting terrible grades or dealing with everyday stresses when they’re high

Others feel that pot smoking is simply not responsible behavior for someone who is held in such high regard by the public. 

Regardless of people’s opinions on marijuana use among celebrities, it’s clear that this substance is here to stay – and we can expect more stars to join Kirsten Dunst in embracing its medicinal properties

Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz celebrity weed smoker

Zoë Kravitz is known for being a heavy smoker, and it seems that weed is her preferred method of smoking. 

The actress has been spotted smoking joints at various events in the past, and she has even admitted to using weed as medication.

Despite her penchant for smoking weed, Kravitz insists that she does not use it to get high. “It’s not about getting high; it’s about having an energy boost,” she told Interview magazine.

Kravitz also believes that cannabis can help people relax and de-stress. “I think people take too much stress for granted. I think marijuana can be really helpful in reducing anxiety or stress,” she said during an interview with Vogue Australia back in 2018.

While many celebrities choose to remain anonymous when it comes to their marijuana use, Kravitz has been vocal about her love for the plant and why it helps her live a balanced life.”

Ilana Glazer

Ilana Glazer celebrity weed smoker

Ilana Glazer is a marijuana smoker. She was quoted as saying, “I smoked weed for the first time when I was 14. 

It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed.” Glazer also said that smoking marijuana has helped her relax and has made her more creative.

Brad Pitt celebrity weed smoker

Brad Pitt is not just a movie star, he’s also a celebrity weed smoker. The actor has been open about his love of smoking weed, and it seems to be one of the things that brings him peace. 

In an interview with GQ magazine, Pitt said he smokes pot to help him relax and get to sleep.

“I don’t think people understand how important it is for me to be able to relax and have a good time and clear my head,” Pitt said.“

Brad Pitt

So I basically smoke weed because it helps me do that. And it also helps relieve stress. It doesn’t make me paranoid or anything like that; in fact, sometimes I’m more creative when I’m high.”

Even though marijuana is illegal in many places, Pitt says he doesn’t worry about getting in trouble because he knows his fans support him no matter what he does. 

“My feeling is: Why should I care what anyone else thinks? They can judge me all they want,” he said. “I know who I am and what I stand for.”

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz celebrity weed smoker

Cameron Diaz is no stranger to smoking weed. The actress has been known to light up while on set and even enjoys a good joint or blunt while relaxing at home. 

Diaz isn’t the only celebrity to enjoy weed; many others have followed in her footsteps. Some of these celebrity smokers include Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Tom Hanks.

Seth Rogen celebrity weed smoker

Seth Rogen is one of Hollywood’s most famous and popular marijuana smokers. The “Knocked Up” actor has been photographed smoking joints with co-star Judd Apatow and other friends in various locations around Los Angeles.

Seth Rogen

Though he isn’t a stranger to public pot smoking, Rogen’s recent embrace of the herb may come as a surprise to some. 

In an interview with Esquire magazine, the actor said that he began smoking weed out of curiosity and then gradually became more enthusiastic about it.

“I smoked for the first time when I was like 19 or 20,” he said. “And then I started seeing movies where people were smoking weed, and it just seemed really cool.”

Rogen credits his early interest in the drug to his parents. “My dad was into jazz, so I would hear him playing records and see him smoke cigarettes,” he said. 

“And then I started hearing that people used marijuana for medical reasons, so I was like, ‘Wow, this must be what grownups do.'”

Despite his growing love for marijuana, Rogen says that he doesn’t condone recreational use of the drug. 

“I don’t think anyone should do drugs recreationally,” he said in the Esquire interview. “But I also think that if you’re not going to do drugs recreationally, you should at least do them medicinally.”

Pete Davidson celebrity weed smoker

Pete Davidson is an American comedian, actor and musician. He rose to fame as one-half of the comedic duo, “The Halfway House” with his friend and fellow comedian, Saturday Night Live cast member and writer, John Mulaney. 

Pete Davidson

Davidson has also appeared in films such as Disaster Movie, The Other Guys, Mars Attacks! and Sing Street. 

In June 2018 he released his debut album, Let’s Just Not Meet. Davidson is openly cannabis user and has been public about it since at least March 2016 when he posted a picture of him and his dog smoking weed while on tour.

Woody Harrelson celebrity weed smoker

Woody Harrelson is known for his wild lifestyle, and it seems as though he’s not afraid to indulge in some of the stranger habits that come with it. One of those habits? Smoking weed.

Harrelson has been spotted smoking weed on numerous occasions, and not just anywhere – he’s even been seen puffing on the stuff while filming movies!

Woody Harrelson

Some people might question why a highly-paid actor would want to smoke weed, but there’s no doubt that Harrelson enjoys the drug for its various benefits. 

According to The Guardian, smoking weed can help improve creativity and productivity, boost moods and counter anxiety and stress.

While marijuana is still technically illegal in many parts of the world, Harrelson isn’t afraid to flaunt his habit – which probably speaks volumes about how mainstream marijuana has become in recent years. Who knows – maybe one day we’ll see him pull out a joint on TV without batting an eyelash!

Wiz Khalifa celebrity weed smoker

Wiz Khalifa is known for smoking weed and enjoying cannabis products. He’s also been vocal about his support of the legalization of marijuana

Khalifa has said that he supports the use of medical marijuana, but he also believes that marijuana should be legalized completely.

Wiz Khalifa

In an interview with High Times, Khalifa said that he smokes weed to relax and enjoy life. He also said that he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with cannabis and that it can be used responsibly.

Khalifa is not the only celebrity who smokes weed. Ariana Grande, Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, and many other celebrities have admitted to using marijuana

Some people believe that these celebrities are getting attention by admitting to using weed, while others believe that they just want to be normal people and smoke a recreational substance like everyone else.

Kendall Jenner celebrity weed smoker

Kendall Jenner is not the only celebrity who smokes weed. Many other celebrities also enjoy smoking weed and it seems like they have no shame in admitting it. 

Kendall Jenner

Some people believe that smoking weed can help relax them and help them to get a good night’s sleep. Others think that it can help to ease tension and anxiety. 

Whatever the reason may be, it seems like the trend of celebrities smoking weed is only going to continue growing.


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