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BRIXZ NYC THCA Diamond Badder Dabs Strawnana 2g


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    BRIXZ NYC THC-A Strawnana Diamond Badder Dabs 2 Grams

    Experience the unparalleled taste and potency of Strawnana 2g Dabs. Perfectly crafted for connoisseurs seeking the finest in cannabis concentrates.

    • Cannabinoid: THCA
    • Capacity: 2000mg
    • Over 94% Pure THCA!
    • Child-resistant packaging
    • Tamper evident seal
    • Ultra-Pure Concentration: BRIXZ NYC’s unique purification process ensures a high THCA content, offering a powerful and clean experience.
    • Exceptional Flavor Profile: Infused with the essence of Strawnana, this badder provides a deliciously fruity aroma and taste that elevates your experience.
    • Smooth and Consistent Texture: The carefully refined badder ensures a smooth, easy-to-use consistency, ideal for both new and seasoned users.
    • Potent and Long-Lasting Effects: High THCA levels mean more potent effects and a longer-lasting experience, ensuring value for every dab.
    • Lab-Tested Quality: Rigorously tested for purity and potency, ensuring you receive a safe and consistent product every time.
    • 2g Premium Packaging: Compact and convenient, perfect for on-the-go use. Benefit: Easy to carry, ensuring you can enjoy your dabs anywhere.
    • Organic Sourcing: Made from organically grown cannabis, guaranteeing a natural and chemical-free product. Benefit: Peace of mind about what you’re consuming.
    • Advanced Extraction Techniques: Utilizes state-of-the-art extraction methods to preserve terpenes and flavors. Benefit: Superior taste and effectiveness.
    • Compatibility with Various Dab Rigs: Designed to work seamlessly with most dab rigs and vaporizers. Benefit: Hassle-free usage with your existing equipment.
    • Discreet and Odorless Packaging: Ensures privacy and convenience in storage and transportation. Benefit: Enjoy your dabs without drawing unwanted attention.

    What’s Included:

    • Each pack contains 2g of BRIXZ NYC THCA Diamond Badder Strawnana. Benefit: Ample quantity for multiple sessions, ensuring lasting enjoyment.

    BRIXZ NYC THC-A Diamond Dabs Flavor Profile and Strains

    • Strawnana

    Suggested Use

    • Start with 1 or 2 dab wax hits
    • Increase the dosage to achieve desired effects

    Strawnana Dab Certificate of Analysis


    1. Q: What is THCA Diamond Badder? A: It’s a high-purity cannabis concentrate known for its potency and flavor, crafted from quality cannabis strains.
    2. Q: How do I use BRIXZ NYC Dabs? A: Use it with a dab rig or vaporizer, heating a small amount for inhalation.
    3. Q: Is the Strawnana flavor natural? A: Yes, it’s derived from the natural terpenes of the Strawnana strain.
    4. Q: How potent is this product? A: It’s highly potent due to the high THCA content, ideal for experienced users.
    5. Q: Can beginners use this product? A: Yes, but start with a small amount due to its potency.
    6. Q: Is the packaging discreet? A: Yes, it’s designed to be odorless and discreet for privacy.
    7. Q: Where is BRIXZ NYC badder sourced from? A: It’s sourced from organically grown cannabis, ensuring quality and purity.