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VAPECLUTCH – The Original Vape Case

A stylish case for your vape pen that keeps your vape clean, hidden, and last longer.

  • Hidden in plain sight (coworkers, security, children, and school)
  • Safe from debris, drops, and germs
  • Unique design curated for you

VapeClutch Vape Case Styles:

  • Azure Dynamic Triangles
  • Black and Gold
  • Black Crimson Grain
  • Black Emerald Grain
  • Blue and Silver Plaid
  • Blue and White
  • Bred and White
  • Celestial Silver
  • Charcoal Carbon Fiber
  • Charcoal Geometric Camo
  • Cloud Marble
  • Cobalt Carbon Fiber
  • Forest Mint Argyle
  • Gold Mint
  • Gold Tan Grain
  • Ivory Quartz Marble
  • Jet Black Grain
  • Lakeshow
  • Matte Black on Black
  • Matte White on White
  • Midnight Green and Silver
  • Mocha Gold Complexity
  • Obsidian Cosmos
  • Paint Marble
  • Patriotic
  • Peach Ocean Plaid
  • Pearl Rose Gold
  • Platinum and Pink
  • Platinum Cloud Grain
  • Platinum Ink
  • Polychrome Bliss
  • Prism Paint Splatter
  • Rose Gold Turquoise Grain
  • Rosso and Gold
  • Rosy Love
  • Shamrock Circuitry
  • Silver Kaleidoscope
  • Silver Navy Grain
  • Silver Scarlet
  • Sunshine Gunmetal
  • Tan Geometric Camo
  • Vintage Argyle

Vape Accessories Case


Azure Dynamic Triangles, Black and Gold, Black Crimson Grain, Black Emerald Grain, Blue and Silver Plaid, Blue and White, Bred and White, Celestial Silver, Charcoal Carbon Fiber, Charcoal Geometric Camo, Cloud Marble, Cobalt Carbon Fiber, Forest Mint Argyle, Gold Mint, Gold Tan Grain, Ivory Quartz Marble, Jet Black Grain, Lakeshow, Matte Black on Black, Matte White on White, Midnight Green and Silver, Mocha Gold Complexity, Obsidian Cosmos, Paint Marble, Patriotic, Peach Ocean Plaid, Pearl Rose Gold, Platinum and Pink, Platinum Cloud Grain, Platinum Ink, Polychrome Bliss, Prism Paint Splatter, Rose Gold Turquoise Grain, Rosso and Gold, Rosy Love, Shamrock Circuitry, Silver Kaleidoscope, Silver Navy Grain, Silver Scarlet, Sunshine Gunmetal, Tan Geometric Camo, Vintage Argyle