What Does Moldy Weed Look Like?

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Are you worried that your stash of weed might have gone bad? Perhaps you’ve noticed some strange discoloration or musty odor coming from your buds. 

If so, don’t light up just yet! Moldy weed can be harmful and even dangerous to consume. 

But how do you know if the herb in question is contaminated with mold? 

In this post, we’ll explore the signs and symptoms of moldy marijuana, so you can stay safe and enjoy your smoke without any worries. So grab a seat, roll yourself a joint (of fresh weed!), and let’s dive in!

Mold on weed

What Causes Mold on Cannabis?

There are a few things that can cause mold on cannabis. One is if the plant was not dried properly. If cannabis is not dried slowly and evenly, mold can start to grow. 

Another cause of mold is if the plant was stored in a humid or wet environment. This can happen if the plant was stored in a plastic bag or container. Mold can also grow if the plant was exposed to too much light or heat.

How to Identify Moldy Weed

Moldy weed can be easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. Here are some telltale signs that your weed may be moldy:

  • The weed looks wet or damp, even if it hasn’t been recently watered.
  • There is visible mold growth on the surface of the weed.
  • The weed has a musty or mildew smell.
  • The color of the weed appears off, usually appearing darker than usual.

If you suspect your weed is moldy, it’s best to err on the side of caution and throw it away. Inhaling mold spores can cause respiratory problems, so it’s not worth taking the risk.

Mold on cannabis bud

Bud Rot

Bud rot is a type of mold that can grow on cannabis flowers. It typically starts as small, white spots on the buds and can spread quickly if not treated. 

Bud rot can cause the bud to become brown and brittle, and it may also produce a musty odor. If you suspect your cannabis has bud rot, it’s important to remove the affected buds immediately and discard them in a sealed container. 

Treatment options for bud rot include fungicides and chemicals, but these should only be used as a last resort. 

Prevention is the best method of dealing with bud rot, so make sure to keep your grow area clean and free of mold spores.

Marijuana root rot

Root Rot

Moldy weed looks like, well, moldy weed. It’s usually a dark green or black color, and it feels mushy to the touch. 

If you see mold on your weed, it’s best to throw it out. Mold can cause lung infections and other health problems if inhaled.

Moldy Weed vs. Trichomes

The main difference between moldy weed and trichomes is that moldy weed is covered in tiny spores, while trichomes are clear and sticky. 

Moldy weed can be grey, white, or black in color, and it may have a musty smell. If you see mold on your weed, it’s important to throw it away immediately. smoking moldy weed can cause coughing, nausea, and vomiting.

Trichomes are the tiny crystals that cover the surface of marijuana leaves and buds. They’re what give the plant its unique smell and flavor, and they also contain most of the plant’s THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), and other cannabinoids. 

Under a microscope, trichomes look like tiny mushrooms. When you break open a bud, you’ll see them as shiny globs on the surface of the leaves.

Is Mold on Weed Harmful?

Moldy weed looks like any other moldy plant material – it’s black, white, green, or brown, and it’s fuzzy or slimy. But is mold on weed harmful?

Mold can be harmful to your health if you inhale it, and it can also make your weed less potent. If you smoke moldy weed, you might experience coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. 

Some people are allergic to mold, and they can have a more severe reaction if they smoke moldy weed.

If you find mold on your weed, the best thing to do is throw it away. Don’t try to salvage it by trimming off the moldy parts – you could end up smoking some of the mold spores. 

And don’t dry out your weed in an attempt to get rid of the mold – that will just make the spores spread.

12 Ways to Prevent Mold on Weed

Moldy weed looks like any other type of mold – it is usually fuzzy and green, and can appear in patches or as individual spores. 

However, weed that has been infected with mold can also be brown, black, or white. If you see any mold on your weed, it is important to throw it away immediately. Here are 12 ways to prevent mold on your weed:

  • Store your weed in a cool, dark place.
  • Do not store your weed in an airtight container.
  • Check your storage containers regularly for moisture or condensation.
  • If you notice any mold on your weed, throw it away immediately.
  • Do not smoke moldy weed – this can be harmful to your health.
  • Avoid buying pre-packaged weed from dispensaries or dealers, as this is more likely to be moldy.
  • Inspect your weed before purchasing it – if it looks moldy, do not buy it!
  • If you grow your own weed, dry it thoroughly before storing it.
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If you’re a cannabis user, it’s important to know what moldy weed looks like. Not only can moldy weed be dangerous to smoke, but it can also affect the quality of your high.

Moldy weed usually appears as white or greenish-white fuzz on the buds. It may also look like powdery mildew, which is a type of fungus that commonly affects plants.

If you see mold on your weed, don’t smoke it! Throw it away and get a new batch. If you’re not sure if your weed is moldy, smell it closely. Moldy weed typically has a musty or earthy smell.

If you think you may have smoked moldy weed, watch for symptoms like coughing, wheezing, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

What does bud rot look like?

Bud rot is a type of mold that can form on cannabis flowers. It typically appears as a gray or brownish-black powdery substance on the buds. 

Bud rot can cause the buds to become dry and brittle, and ultimately, it can cause the entire plant to die.

Can you save moldy weed?

If you’ve ever found mold on your weed, you may be wondering if it’s still safe to smoke. The answer is: it depends. 

If the mold is only on the surface of the weed, it’s probably still safe to smoke. However, if the mold has penetrated the buds and reached the inside, it’s best to throw it away.


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