Flying With Delta 8

Flying With D8
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Can you fly with delta 8?

The legality of flying with delta 8 really depends on the state you’re in and the state you’re traveling to. On a federal level, delta 8 is legal due to the Farm Bill. However, if the state you are traveling to has banned delta 8, it is advisable not to bring it with you on the plane. While you most likely won’t be stopped at the airport, getting caught with it in the illegal states could entail legal consequences.

If you have done your research about the states where delta 8 is legal, and you want to travel with it, you can bring it with you in your carry-on luggage. Make sure you don’t smoke in the airplane, though, as that is a federal offense.


What delta 8 products are best for traveling?

If you’re looking to get elevated during the flight, your best bet is to bring delta 8 gummies or edibles with you. They’ll give you the full-body experience you need to relax during your flight.

Plus, it’ll make it easier to deal with crying babies and snoring passengers! Smoking is prohibited on airplanes, so if you’re bringing a vape with you, make note that you can’t use it on the flight. Tinctures are another great choice to get high when you’re flying.

Many people prefer to take tincture or delta 8 gummies half an hour to an hour before their flight so that they take effect by the time the plane takes off. 

In short, we highly recommend you do your due diligence on the state laws if you’re going to travel with delta 8 products. Stay safe, stay elevated, and safe travels!