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Is Delta 8 Safe?

jennifer williams cbd content writer
August 11, 2022
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Delta-8 THC products have become incredibly popular in the cannabis industry, but because it’s so new, many users are having safety concerns about the cannabinoid. 

In this article, we’re going to break down what naturally occurring delta 8 THC is and if it’s safe to consume.

What is delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a psychoactive compound that occurs naturally cannabis plant. Delta-8 can also be found in hemp plants. 

Delta-8 THC became extremely popular in states where delta 9 THC or cannabis is illegal. 

This is because delta 8 THC is usually made from hemp-derived CBD oil, making it legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Because the Farm Bill allows for the cultivation, extraction, and distribution of hemp and hemp-derived cannabidiol products, which is why delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids have become so prevalent. 

This is different from the cannabis plant, which is illegal by federal law.

Is delta-8 THC legal?

Delta 8 THC products are federally legal, but state laws will decide whether it’s legal or not.

Delta 9 THC or cannabis, on the other hand, is still federally illegal, but some state laws allow it.

Delta 8 products are legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

Whether delta 8 THC is legal or not also largely depends on the state you live in. 

Delta 8 is legal at the federal level, but it also changes when you get to the state level. 

CBD products, on the other hand, are legal because CBD products do not have psychoactive effects.

What are the effects of delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 THC has an extremely similar molecular structure to delta 9 THC (with a different double bond location). 

This means that it has the same psychoactive and intoxicating effects as consuming cannabis, but delta-8 THC is going to be more mellow. Compared to recreational cannabis products, you can consider delta 8 THC to be “diet weed.”

Because of its chemical structure, delta 8 THC interacts similarly to delta 9 THC when it comes to the human body. 

Delta-8 THC binds to the body’s cannabinoid receptors (like other psychoactive substances) to produce mild psychoactive effects. 

Other than its mind-altering effects, delta 8 THC is also reported to be relaxing, pain-relieving, stress-relieving, and euphoric.

How does delta 8 THC affect the body?

Delta-8 THC binds with the cannabinoid receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. 

This has been reported to help with chronic pain and stress, but more research needs to be done to see the longer-term effects. 

Many users say that delta 8 THC is relaxing and helps relieve muscle spasms as well as aches.

Some physical side effects may include dry mouth or the “munchies.”

How does delta 8 THC affect the mind?

Delta 8 THC can possibly help reduce stress and anxiety. At higher doses, users may experience psychoactive and intoxicating effects, but it won’t be anything crazy. 

For reference, delta 9 THC from cannabis is a more psychoactive compound. At the right dosage, though, delta 8 THC can be extremely mentally therapeutic.

It is important not to consume concentrated amounts in excess if you want to avoid adverse events. 

Like with any drug, there are serious health risks associated with taking too much or taking more than you can handle.

How much delta 8 THC should I take?

There is no correct answer for this because it depends on how much you weigh, how much fat you have on your body, your metabolism, your age, and many other factors. 

Ultimately, you want to start with an extremely small dose and slowly work your way up.

Just like with marijuana and cannabis products, you can always take more, but you can’t undo what you’ve already taken.

Is delta 8 THC safe?

Delta-8 THC itself isn’t reported to be extremely dangerous. 

However, the manufacturing processes that brands use may create potentially harmful by-products, and if the brands don’t put meticulous care into these processes, there can be negative public health conditions. 

For example, some brands look for quick profits by ignoring certain steps or producing a synthetic cannabinoid. 

The by-products created by skipping important steps can cause serious adverse effects and pose major potential risks to public health.

Some brands use a natural compound, hemp-derived CBD, to produce delta 8 THC. Others may extract the delta-8 THC straight from hemp. 

However, a few brands may use controlled substances or synthetic starting raw material to make their delta 8 THC products, and this is where it may start to get dangerous.

How to stay safe buying delta 8 THC

While it is impossible to stay 100% safe from anything, there are a few ways to reduce harm when you’re looking for reputable delta 8 THC products. 

First and most importantly, you want to make sure that there is third-party testing done. 

All delta 8 THC products should have lab reports, which show you the final product produced depending on the method used. 

This way, you can check for heavy metals, carcinogens, or other potential contaminants. 

There have been reported cases of pesticides or other harmful by-products in delta 8 THC products, so make sure you do more research to be safe. You don’t want accidental exposure to harmful chemicals.

Other than lab reports, the next thing you want to look at is the brands’ reputations. 

Many of reliable brands have many positive reviews online, so those can be a good indicator of high quality. 

You also want to steer away from gas stations because the delta 8 THC products sold in gas stations are usually cheap or counterfeit. 

Convenience stores are also an odd location to find high-quality products.

You also want to make sure that you’re of age. For adult use, cannabis may be safer than if you’re in your early 20’s. 

You also want to make sure to keep your marijuana use under control. 

While delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC may not have the same physical withdrawal symptoms as other drugs, you can still have negative reactions mentally if you abuse it. Make sure to use a relatively natural amount being careful not to push it.

Where to buy safe delta 8 THC products

There are many places you can purchase delta-8 THC products. And even though it’s legal at the federal level, you still want to make sure that it’s legal in your state.

You can purchase delta 8 THC products from smoke shops and online stores. We recommend shopping online because you can get better prices and a better selection.

For example, you may be able to find CBD products in the same store that you find delta 8 THC. Since shopping online is new, you want to be careful that you’re not being scammed. 

Make sure to look around for reviews and policies to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

D8 Super Store is a great place to buy delta 8 THC products online, especially because those coming from cannabis use delta 8 THC products often.

Who is delta 8 THC for?

Delta-8 THC, like marijuana, can be used for a wide range of people. Historical use of marijuana and delta 9 THC was reserved for spiritual events, but nowadays, it can be used for many other things. 

For example, it is being studied for use in pediatric patients. Pediatric patients can possibly benefit from the pain-relieving and relaxing effects of delta 8 THC. 

The same goes for athletes who are trying to recover faster. However, more research needs to be conducted for using marijuana or delta 8 in a medical context.

Furthermore, delta 8 can also be used for creatives. For example if you’re an artist or freelance writer, you may feel more creative and relaxed. 

Delta 8 and delta 9 THC has also been said to open the mind to new possibilities.


It’s interesting to see all of the new cannabinoids being discovered from the cannabis sativa plant (like delta 9 THC and delta 8 THC) and how much they can be used to better people’s lives. 

However, because they’re all still so new, it’s important to learn about how they’re made and how to stay safe.

Now that you know about the possible risks of delta 8 and how to look out for them, go out, stay safe, and stay elevated.

jennifer williams cbd content writer

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams is a freelance writer from Vancouver, Canada specializing in CBD and cannabis. He’s read thousands of studies on CBD and other supplements, helping him translate complex science into plain language. Gleb has tried and reviewed dozens of CBD brands and products, written third-party testing reports, and knows the CBD industry inside and out. When not writing, he likes to kickbox, travel, and tell everyone how awesome intermittent

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