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Nothing is more irritating than having your disposable vape give up on you unexpectedly.

Firstly, you need to be aware that electronic devices can sometimes malfunction due to manufacturing defects, or it can happen due to misuse.

It is standard for the battery and the e-juice to run out. Here’s some additional information you might find helpful.

What exactly is the light doing?

A disposable device usually has an indicator light that tells you that it is in use. The light of this disposable may turn red when it runs low on power.

It could also blink if the battery is dying, which is another sign that the battery is running out. The disposable is likely not to respond when you inhale or take a hit in the first place. 

As a result of design and calibration, disposables are designed and calibrated to last a bit longer than e-juices.

As such, if the disposable Puff Bar blinks, it is a sign that the charge has expired. Even though you can learn how to recharge a disposable vape, you shouldn’t expect significant results. A disposable vape should be thrown away after a certain period.

Well, you could get some more use out of it.

Depending on what is written on the device’s label, you can expect it to last up to 200 puffs.

While it is true that the device is designed to last you up to 200 puffs, the way you use it can also contribute to how much use you get out of it. 

The battery will likely die quickly if you inhale deeply. However, if you continue to inhale deeply, the coil will remain lit for extended periods.

In that case, you’ll consume more energy to keep it heating. Therefore, taking shorter hits and resting the battery between sessions is better.

3chi blinking
3chi blinking

You might get a few more draws if the Puff Bar isn’t blinking. However, that isn’t guaranteed. So it might be better to get another one.

Shorter sessions allow the wick to absorb e-liquid.

During a hit, the coil heats and vaporizes the e-juice. Continuous hits dry out the wick and prevent it from soaking up more e-liquid.

You might want to put your device aside for a while if it doesn’t blink but doesn’t release clouds. Once the cotton or fiber wick hydrates, your pen will function again.

Almost all brands have a small window on the side that lets you see how much e-juice is left. By keeping an eye on the level, you’ll know when a new vape pen is needed.

Try shaking out the bubbles in the tank.

Suppose the disposable Puff Bar is blinking or isn’t delivering clouds despite enough e-juice in the tank. Air bubbles can interfere with e-liquid absorption in the tank.

If that happens, tap the pen gently on a surface to release the air. If that happens, give it another minute, and then try again.

Improper airflow and sensors can take away from your vaping experience.

You can try blocking the air vents with your finger if the Hyde Vape does not activate. As a result of blocking cold air from entering the vape, it will heat up more efficiently and start working again.

Or, the pressure helps improve airflow and dries up the condensation buildup on the sensor. You might be able to get your device working again if you block the air vents partly or entirely.

You can also look out for burned taste and smell if the cotton wick is too dry and is singeing.

Check if the device starts blinking after some use.

You might remember your vaping session where the device started blinking as soon as you took your first draw.

Or, you may have noticed that the Puff Bar started blinking after a few deep hits. If you take long hits, your vape might be overheating.

Set it aside and let it cool before trying again. Take shorter hits and take breaks between each session in the future.

Your device circuit might have shorted.

The disposables are usually equipped with circuit protectors to prevent short circuits. However, there’s always the possibility of a short circuit. If the blue light blinks steadily at the bottom, it is best to discard the disposable.

The Disposable Vape Is Overheating

It is also possible that your disposable vape blinks before the battery dies due to a high internal temperature.

Lithium-ion batteries are used as the power source in all devices, and lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to heat.

Overheating in an out-of-control chemical known as thermal runaway can cause a lithium-ion battery to catch fire. This is a severe safety issue.

As a matter of safety, this type of vape is usually equipped with a temperature sensor that prevents the device from overheating when it reaches a specific temperature.

If you vape in a scorching environment – for example, in direct sunlight – or chain vape in an extremely aggressive manner, you may experience this. 

You should also keep in mind that even though lithium-ion battery fires are extremely rare, you will get a smaller number of puffs out of a disposable vape when you are using it in an extremely hot environment as a result of the battery draining more quickly.

The Disposable Battery Is Dead

Your disposable vape blinks after a while, which indicates that the battery has gone bad.

It is important to consider how many puffs the device is advertised to have in order to determine whether the battery failed at the appropriate time.

A small AIO vape is typically advertised to deliver up to 300 puffs, which should be enough for one or two days of vaping.

dead 3chi vape battery
dead 3chi vape battery

In terms of how long you’ve been using the device, it’s probably time to replace it. If the device has reached the point where you’re thinking about replacing it, then it’s probably time now.

You could even use a relatively “dead” AIO device for a few more hours to get a few more puffs, but you really should get a new one right away.

However, when it comes to vape devices with a higher capacity, it’s possible that they may last up to a week before they need to be recharged.

In order to ensure that all of the e-liquid in the device can be used before it is discarded, a high-capacity vape usually comes with a rechargeable battery. If your device seems to have died before its time, check for a USB port.

The charging port might not have been visible to you, however, since rechargeable AIO vapes never include cables.

Including a cable with each device would increase the cost and contribute to waste. Using any compatible cable you might happen to have lying around, you can connect your device to your computer with a charging port, which will allow you to charge it with your device if it has a charging port.

Your 3Chi Disposable Is Not Charging

There are several reasons why your 3chi disposable is not charging anymore. For example, there might be a manufacturer’s error or a problem with the connection plate.

A clogged mouthpiece is another common reason why this might be happening. Here are some tips to help you fix the issue.

Read through this article in order to determine the cause of this problem, as well as to find out what part may be causing your 3chi disposable to stop working. If you are to blame for this problem, you may find it easier to replace it.

3Chi Disposable Is Not Charging

You are probably not the only one who has experienced the unfortunate situation of having to replace a broken 3chi disposable battery.

These devices can malfunction due to faulty batteries, faulty e-liquid, and faulty chargers. If you are experiencing problems with this device, you may want to try the following solutions:

It’s a good idea to check the cartridge first. Some disposables have air bubbles that prevent proper airflow.

Tap or flick the cartridge side to break the air bubble. Be careful not to hit the cartridge too hard, as this could cause it to crack.

The next option if you can’t fix the issue is to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Most companies will be happy to help, so it’s worthwhile to contact them.

Step To Fix 3 CHI Disposable Vape Pen

  • The mouthpiece must be removed and the atomizer tank must be unscrewed.
  • Remove any remaining e-liquid from the tank and dispose of it properly.
  • Ensure that the coil head is removed from the tank and disposed of properly after it has been removed.
  • The coil head of the tank needs to be replaced with a new one.
  • The e-liquid should be filled into the tank with fresh e-liquid.
  • Replace the mouthpiece on the device and screw the tank back onto the device.
  • In order to turn on the device, press the firing button five times in quick succession in order to turn it on.
  • You can take a puff by pressing and holding the firing button while inhaling from the mouthpiece while holding the firing button.

Vape pens not hitting due to manufacturer error

It is widely known that vape pens have the problem of “not hitting.” When you inhale vapor, the light will flash, but the atomizer does not appear to be hitting.

You might be inadvertently clogging the battery contact, which is easily resolved with rubbing alcohol. The battery contact may be clogged for a number of reasons. Read on to find out how to resolve this issue.

In the case of non-hitting vape pens, there is often a clog in the mouthpiece which is one of the most common causes.

A clog occurs when the by-products of oil in a vape pen group together and build up in the mouthpiece.

This happens slowly over time, and eventually it obstructs air flow, rendering the device useless. It is recommended that you replace the cartridge with a new one if you have this issue.

When you observe a change in color in your vape liquid, this is an indication that you have a clogged coil in your system.

Despite the fact that the vape juice should still work, you might have an electrical problem. Some vape devices flash three times when the battery is too low.

In order to find out what is causing the problem, contact the brand’s customer support team and check the battery. If you have tried everything else, you may want to consider replacing the battery.

In the event of a clogged coil, the battery or coil connection is likely to be the issue. Replace the battery, try another coil or tank, or purchase a new battery if all else fails.

You may have reseated the wrong coil if you see the error message after following these steps. It can be a messy process, and not always convenient when you are running low on ejuice.

Connection plate

Do you have trouble charging your 3chi disposable vape? It is possible that the connection plate may be causing your problem, as it is designed to fit into 510 threaded cartridges of different sizes.

It is, however, possible that the battery has been overtightened to the point that it is pushing down the connection plate, which is causing problems with the battery.

The battery will not make good contact with the cartridge when it is screwed too tightly into the base of the cartridge. There is a possibility that the connection plate may need to be adjusted if this is the case.

In the event that your charger connection plate is preventing the battery from charging, there could be an air bubble between the charger and the cartridge that is preventing the battery from charging.

The bubble can be broken by tapping or flicking the side of the cartridge. Do not hit the cartridge too hard as this may damage it.

If this problem persists, you might have to return the product to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not respond to your application, you may be able to get a replacement.

Clogged mouthpiece

Your mouthpiece is clogged. To clear it, use a small, sharp instrument like a toothpick. The battery of most disposables will indicate if it is working.

If it doesn’t, then there is a problem with the mouthpiece and the battery isn’t charging. This is the fault of the manufacturer. It is essential that you change your usage habits if your mouthpiece becomes clogged.

Draw forcefully through the mouthpiece in order to unclog the cart. As well, you may want to try a different mouthpiece to see if that will remove the excess liquid.

If you still find that the mouthpiece is still clogged, try using a small pin, paper clip, or wire to remove the excess liquid. It would be best to try the same solution as above if the problem persists.

Prevent leaks by properly priming 3Chi cartridges

You may have experienced leakage in your 3Chi cartridge due to an incorrectly primed battery. It is a common mistake among new vapers to store a cartridge upside down.

This causes the oil to settle at the bottom of the cartridge, leaving the cotton wick exposed to the air.

It is important to flip the cartridge to the right in order to allow the oil to come into contact with the coil as the coil heats up. This will prevent the wick from becoming burned.

In the event you are still having issues, try calling the customer service number. It is possible that the issue is with the pen, not the cartridge. If you are still having issues, you may need to buy a new pen.

What if a new disposable does not activate?

Despite the fact that disposable vapes are subject to quality control procedures, there are instances when the device does not work.

The problem could be caused by a defective assembly, and you might want to take a closer look at the internal setup.

The cotton inside the mouthpiece needs to be checked to ensure that the wick has not bunched up and blocked the e-juice opening.

You may need to use tweezers to realign the cotton, so that it is able to absorb a sufficient amount of e-liquid.

There is no indication that the cotton is the issue, so remove it, and inspect the opening in the center. If there is a blockage, gently dislodge it with a toothpick. Replace the cotton and mouthpiece and try again.

How you use the disposable can affect how well it performs?

Remember that the device has a simple circuit without any temperature control, so you can get the best out of it and avoid running out of battery too soon.

Be careful to use it using precautions such as short draws. In addition, too much pressure can cause you to suck up e-juice instead of clouds. Now that would be unpleasant. The e-juice might drip from the air vents.

For more specific information about your Puff Bar blinking, please feel free to contact us at Blackout Vapors. We have a team of experts that will help you solve the problem and ensure that it lasts for a long time.

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